Information Officer Educational Requirements

An information officer is someone who works for certain government organizations and they are responsible for the coordination of communications between that organization and the public. An information officer may also be the spokesperson for that organization as well. You will need to be an organized and well spoken person to perform this job successfully.

The California Association of Public Information Officials (CAPIO) is the oldest organization in the states available for information officers to obtain education and training in becoming the best information officer they can be. If you are interested in becoming an information officer, you should contact the CAPIO.

In-Home Nurse Educational Requirements

If you would like to be able to help people who are disabled, elderly, or suffering from a terminal illness while they are in their home, you will need to go through a nursing program that is in an accredited school. Once you are in school, you will need to take course related to nursing that include math and science course. You will also be required to go through several clinical studies as well. Your state will have different requirements for what you should be able to pass on the stare board exam for licensing

Echocardiographic Sonagrapher Educational Requirements

If you are interested in a career as an echocardiograhicsonagrapher, you will need to complete a two years associate’s degree and complete state certification which will mean taking the state certification exam. You will need to have knowledge of the human anatomy and physiology as well.

In school for your degree in echo cardiac sonography, you will have classes in cardiovascular principles, sonographic instrumentation, and you will have plenty of clinical training. The work you will do will serve to aid doctors in diagnosing heart malfunctions and abnormalities by using sonogram technology.

Astronomer Educational Requirements

You must have a four year Bachelor’s Degree in Science before you can gaze into the heavens and get paid for it. You will need courses in astrophysics or physics. Taking some chemistry and biology courses will help you along also. To be an astronomer, you will need to have plenty of patience and curiosity. You should be able to conquer mathematics and have the ability to pay attention to close details. An astronomer should have a big imagination and be able to stand back and reflect in contemplating study. An astronomer is basically a great thinker!


Artist Educational Requirements

Your first step in becoming an artist is to apply to a school that has a good art program to pursue graduate studies in art, business management, and techniques. Being an artist is a wonderful career that will allow you creative freedom.

You should begin going to openings of other artists and familiarize yourself with the ways you sell you art. Another tip for being accepted at an accredited school of art would be to make a portfolio of your work. Most schools will require you to have a portfolio that contains samples of your best work.

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