Lawyer Education Requirements

Lawyer Education Requirements

Lawyers or attorneys are typically thought of as highly educated.  Not all people think this job is prestigious or respectable, but most can agree that lawyers have a good amount of education.

To become a lawyer, you need a Bachelors degree and also a Juris Doctor, or a JD.  The bachelors degree can be in anything, but most lawyers study political science or history.  People who are interested in a specific part of law, (eg. patent law, corporate law) might get an undergrad in a related field.

After getting your BS, you need to go to law school.  Law school usually takes 3 years.  After law school, you can take your bar exam to be licensed or “Barred” to practice law in your state.

Technically, you can take the bar without a JD.  If a member of the bar states that you studied under him or her for a certian number of years, you may be elegible for the bar.  This is not practiced very often though, and most people go the law-school route.

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